Book Without Bindings

The Book Without Bindings is an examination of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as a three dimensional construct rather than a flat two dimensional diagram. It is a deeply personal exploration of mystical cosmology in the form of a tarot deck that took over 22 years to complete.

Here are a few excerpts from the accompanying book:
"The Tarot as the key to the Tree of Life is a tool for understanding the Mysteries on a conscience level. It is as such a trap since this is not the Great Work. But for some this can be a first step on a ROAD. A lot of writers have shied away from stating what the Great Work is, preferring instead to make veiled knowing references. I understand the reasons behind this policy. The first reason and by far the largest one is that they do not know, or are not sure they know and fear they might be wrong. The second reason is vows to secret orders, though I feel that a lot of the don’t know people have hid behind this excuse. The third reason for hiding the GREAT WORK is that it cannot be understood until it can be understood and before that it sounds either silly or too simple, down right impossible, or no secret at all."

"We have already looked at the Magician’s Path, the third and special form of movement through the Tree into the Unknowable. The Prime Movement and The Fool’s Journey are the more normal forms of movement within the Tree. They are the breathing of the Unknowable into Matter that maintains the Consensus Reality Construct that is our Matterverse. This chart appears in several forms in my notes from 1988 as a work in progress. Each time it is drawn it is a little different. And at no time is there a feeling that it is complete."