Andedion Breaching Necklace


A necklace that doubles as a set of portable breaching tools (see the book "An Carow Gwyn" for a explanation of breaching charms). You can take it off, set it down on the ground and all of the symbols will line up in the right places. The Breaching Sign near you, quartz to your right for Fire, a shell to your left for Water, and an empty-eyed face surrounded by skulls at the furthest point to represent the Spirits of Annwn. While breaching charms are very simple and organic rituals, all the bowls, lanterns, sticks and skulls can sometimes be a bit hard to manage. You can leave your bag of ritual paraphernalia at home when you're out hiking, just wear this necklace instead and you can easily perform impromptu offerings.

The Andedion Sigil is engraved on one side of the centerpiece and a Covenant Breaching Sign on the other. The quartz bead has two sunstones near it to reinforce the fire symbolism, and the shell is surrounded by two moonstones for water.

Unique Creations
The finished necklace's design may vary from the pictures. Each item I make is unique.

Please select the Breaching Sign you want from the drop down menu. See the last picture for a chart showing what each of the signs look like. If you want the Andedion Sigil replaced with another design let me know and I'll be happy to work with you.

Custom Length
If you want a necklace length that isn't listed in the drop down menu, just select the closest length and message me. I want to make sure your necklace is the correct size!

Because this is a custom handmade item, please allow 3-5 days for me to complete your order. I will do my best to finish your necklace as quickly as possible.

Ethically Sourced Bone
All bone beads are from an importer that works with tribal artists in Ghana and Kenya. The beads are hand made with traditional methods and the animals they are from are treated with respect.

Sold as a curio only.