Askion Lot Oracle

$18.00 - $30.00

The Oracle Lots from Robin's "Askion: The Oracle of the Underworld" course at the Blackthorne School. If you've taken the course you'll know what to do with them, if you haven't I highly recommend enrolling the next time it's offered: https://www.theblackthorneschool.com/courses/askion-the-oracle-of-the-underworld/. UPDATE: The entire course is now being released as part of Robin's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/robinartisson/posts.

This oracle has nine lots (eight plus one indicator) and an optional handmade leather case to store them in.

The lots are unpainted, as that is a task best reserved for their new owner. If you've taken the course, you'll know why.

Script Choices
I can make your set of lots in any of the following scripts: Greek, Celtiberian, Elder Futhark, Younger Futhark, or Galdraskraeda set 5. Please include a note with your order saying which you'd prefer.

Indicator Lot
Please choose which symbol you want on the Indicator Lot from the drop down menu. If you want a symbol that isn't listed please contact me and we can discuss it.

This item can be customized! Please message me and I'd be happy to work with you.

Because these are custom handmade items, please allow 5-7 business days for me to complete your order. I will do my best to finish your lots as quickly as possible.

Natural Wood Stain
I don't use any chemical stains or finishes on the wooden tiles. I boil them with certain plants that give a nice color and rub them with mineral oil.

Unique Creations
The finished lots and case may vary slightly from the pictures, I make them all by hand.