Icelandic Dream Incubation Rune Stave Pendant (Engraved Brass)


Icelandic Dream Incubation Rune Staves. Carved on brass with an iron tool according to the instructions in the Tvr̆ galdraskrŭ̧r grimoire (Lbs 2413 8vo). They read:

"If you want to know what is hidden from the common man. Carve these staves on brass with steel and lay by your ear, and fall asleep, and you will experience."

This item can be customized! I'd be happy to work with you.

Because this is a custom handmade item, please allow 3-5 business days for me to complete your order. I will do my best to finish your pendant as quickly as possible.

Unique Creations
The type of brass engraving blank I use may vary depending on where I source them. As I carve each piece by hand they may vary slightly from the pictures. Every piece is unique!