Younger Futhark Runes


A set of sixteen Younger Futhark Runes and one indicator lot. While the Elder Futhark is the most well known set of Norse runes, the Younger Futhark was more widely used throughout history. They can be consulted for divination with any rune casting method you prefer. Robin Artisson's written a short essay on the topic: "Ormglaðr’s Rune Key: Divination with the Younger Futhark Runes". I do not sell or own the rights to this pdf, but it's pretty cheap and you can buy it here: Serpent Hall. It's also available on Robin's Patreon.

These runes are unpainted, as that is a task best reserved for their new owner.

This item can be customized! Please message me and I'd be happy to work with you. If you want a unique symbol on the indicator lot just let me know.

Because these are custom handmade items, please allow 5-7 business days for me to complete your order. I will do my best to finish your runes as quickly as possible.

Natural Wood Stain
I don't use any chemical stains or finishes on these runes. I boil them with certain plants that give a nice color and rub them with mineral oil.

Unique Creations
The finished runes may vary slightly from the pictures, I make them all by hand.